Woodlands Our professional forest experts will maximize the value of your timber.

Optimize your forest


Drive more value from your land with Bell Timber's Management Assistance Program.

Dedicated to landowners and the environment
  • Over 50 years of expertise in helping landowners optimize their timberland.
  • Customized plans for forest and water management for recreation, hunting, and profit.
  • Commitment to customer care, environmental responsibility, and community well-being.
Improve the quality of your forest

Working with one of our foresters will allow you to improve the health of your forest and maintain its longevity, so your land can be enjoyed for generations to come.

  • Selective forest thinning to balance soil and promote vegetation growth.
  • Enhanced habitat for wildlife due to flourishing vegetation.
  • Improved forest health and appearance.
  • Regeneration through responsible reseeding, selective thinning, and on-going inspections.
  • Protect the future quality of your land, forest, and water by following best practices.
Hassle-free results

We are experts in your area’s policies and able to work directly with the government. We’ll help you navigate markets, regulations, and timber values.

  • We value relationships and are dedicated to communicating effectively and promptly.
  • Per your forest plan, we oversee and negotiate all harvesting with certified loggers.
  • Must meet a minimum of 5 acres and have substantial pole potential on site.

The Bell Way Fully integrated wood experts and products

Every step of maximizing the value of your timber is hassle free with Bell’s foresters. From government policies and regulations, to local insects and diseases, to forest regeneration and current timber values.

  • Local, knowledgeable, non-commissioned forest experts
  • Navigate markets, regulations and best values
  • Forest regeneration and replanting expertise
  • Improve your land’s health and appearance
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Bell best manages your timberland and maximizes your timber value.
  • Management Assistance Program  
  • Over 50 years of program expertise 
  • Improve health and longevity of your forest 
  • Hassle-free harvest and results
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Harvested Timber

Bell buys timber fiber in the form of harvested timber and timber holdings.
  • Maximize your timber holdings value
  • Over 100 years of fiber buying experience 
  • Expertise in navigating markets and regulations
  • Hassle-free and relationship-based
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Let our professional forest experts
unlock the value of your timber

Meet Your Foresters

Bell Service Area

Local Forest Experts

Professional foresters who are non-commissioned and ready to help you navigate markets, regulations, and timber values.

Hassle Free

Experts in your area’s policies, insects, and diseases. Able to work directly with the government.

Improve Forest's Health

Our professional foresters will help you with forest regeneration and replanting to improve your land's health and appearance.

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