Mass Timber Build something sustainable with the nation’s most seasoned mass timber experts.

Mass Timber Vesterheim Exterior

Let us show you what’s possible

Design assist
for mass timber
and custom glulam

Bell Structural Solutions experts bring the knowledge of over 300 mass timber building projects. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of mass timber with custom products from our Alamco Wood Products plant.

Expert knowledge to navigate the complexities of mass timber
  • Mass timber construction techniques and best practices.
  • Timber sourcing and sustainability considerations.
  • Building code compliance and regulatory requirements for mass timber projects.
  • Advanced structural engineering for timber-based structures.
  • Integration of mass timber with other building materials and systems.
End-to-end support to adapt to your needs as the project evolves
  • Architectural design support, including conceptualization and technical guidance.
  • Structural engineers to ensure seamless integration of mass timber elements.
  • Construction management and supervision to ensure the project meets design intent.
  • Supply chain management for timber sourcing and procurement.
  • Ongoing support and consultation as the project progresses to completion.
Unique project management tailored to your project

Our project management framework is tailored to the unique challenges of mass timber projects, including capabilities in:

  • Comprehensive project planning and scheduling specific to mass timber construction.
  • Budgeting and cost control strategies.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies tailored to timber construction.
  • Coordination of interdisciplinary teams involved in mass timber projects.
  • Quality control and assurance throughout the project lifecycle.

How we get it done

Our plan for

We’ll start by creating agreed-upon expectations based on precision and accuracy, cost, schedules, and the requirements of your key stakeholders.

Understanding your requirements

We’ll discuss any custom solutions that are needed for your project, and walk you through the balance between aesthetics and engineering requirements. We’ll also outline what this project needs in order to be functional, and make sure we understand which stakeholders’ requirements should take precedence.


We'll focus on continuous improvement and refinement of your project. This step is crucial to ensure that your project remains aligned with your goals and adapts to changing circumstances or feedback.

Manage risks

We aim to keep your project on track and on budget, and minimize potential disruptions. This allows us to blend an adaptive, flexible approach with predictive implementation.

Deliver excellence

We will listen, respond, and provide the tools and techniques to turn your concept into a reality. We’ll keep your mass timber or custom glulam project on task, on time, and on budget, from design to delivery to construction.

The Bell Way Fully integrated wood experts and products

Bell makes every step of mass timber projects seamless for your team. From diverse species sourcing across North America, to custom designs and engineering, to timely manufacturing and delivery.

  • Wood is the most sustainable and beautiful option
  • Expand your species options with our diverse supply chain
  • Designed, manufactured and delivered to your specs
  • Timely on-site delivery for smooth installations
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Custom Glulam & Mass Timber

Custom glulam and CLT components for turnkey mass timber projects.
  • Sustainably sourced across North America  
  • Carbon negative, climate positive 
  • Glulam timber, CLT and hardware 
  • Four species, five finish grades, 24 stains
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Concept to Completion

Turnkey mass timber design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery.
  • Bring your mass timber vision to life 
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders 
  • Design and structural engineering
  • End-to-end project support
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