Utility Sustainable
wood utility poles,
made to last.

Stay ahead of demand

The most responsible
and dependable

We look beyond single transactions in order to foster strategic, long-term partnerships. Our utility poles are sourced from a variety of locations throughout the U.S. and Canada – because we don’t want your order to be reliant on a single geographic location.

The advantages of wood
  • Multiple wood species
  • Structures up to 165 feet
  • Nationwide facilities & plants
  • Reliable & on-time delivery
Won’t disrupt nature’s beauty

All our wood species blend in with their surroundings and offer a responsible, green way to keep the lights on. In addition, we follow a sustainable forestry initiative and work directly with landowners to reforest timberlands.

Poles that last over 80 years

We know how important it is for your utility system to withstand extreme weather events so you can minimize the number, extent, and duration of outages. With proper maintenance, our wood structures are designed to last over 80 years and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

How we serve you

A century-long
track record of
customer success

We proactively address your requirements to deliver industry-leading utility products tailored to your needs, with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Utility pole and structure experts

We offer both utility round wood poles and engineered laminated wood structures to meet your needs.

  • Wide variety of species, sizes and treatment options
  • Engineering services for custom pole and structure designs
Responsible waste management

We can help you remove and dispose of weathered utility poles from job sites and storage facilities.

  • Weathered pole removal
  • Eco-friendly disposal
  • Compliance with regulations
Reliable on-site delivery

Because of our high-volume production capabilities and on-site inventory, your product will arrive at your site on time. All our poles can be delivered via rail, conventional and/or self-unloading trucks.

  • High-volume production
  • On-site inventory
  • Flexible delivery options

The Bell Way Fully integrated wood experts and products

Bell makes every step of the utility product process seamless for your team. From diverse species sourcing across North America, to custom designs and engineering, to timely manufacturing and delivery.

  • Wood is the most sustainable and beautiful option
  • Expand your species options with our diverse supply chain
  • Designed, manufactured and delivered to your specs
  • Timely on-site delivery for smooth installations
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Round Wood Poles

Round wood poles available in five species and various treatment options.
  • Sustainably sourced across North America  
  • Carbon negative, climate positive 
  • National high-volume production capabilities 
  • Timely on-site delivery
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Engineered Wood Structures

Engineered laminated wood structures customized to your utility specifications.
  • Custom designed to your load specifications
  • Sustainably sourced across North America  
  • Carbon negative, climate positive 
  • Direct embed
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